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Perennials: Suits

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

Perennials: Suits


The suit is something that has remained (relatively) unchanged for the last hundred years or so, and endures as a sartorial necessity, even in these increasingly casual times. Suits and tailoring have long been a core part of our offer, and we have produced them in all manner of varieties: linen suits, seersucker suits, double-breasted suits, checked suits, you name it. And while such suits are a joy to wear, and fully deserve a place in our wardrobes, they are perhaps more occasional, and as such are unlikely to find their way into regular rotation.

This is not the case, however, with the suits that have been enshrined in our Perennials collection. The goal of this newly launched collection is to bring together all of those pieces we deem to be true wardrobe staples and make it so that they will continue to be restocked, ensuring year-round availability. Or, as the tagline more succinctly puts it: here today, here tomorrow.

Just a handful of suits have made the cut, but those that have are guaranteed to be timelessly stylish, highly versatile, and hard-wearing. Any of these would make an ideal first suit – that initial step into the wonderful world of tailoring. Or, if your wardrobe is already overflowing with suits, then one from our Perennials collection will be perfect for every day, all-occasions wear.


Investing in a good suit.

It’s always worth repeating that every man needs at least one good suit, and that this should be an investment. A suit is not the type of garment that will be worn a handful of times, then simply discarded next season (though, of course, no garments should be like this). Rather, it is something that should endure, both in terms of the quality of its make, and the timelessness of its style. There’s no reason why a suit you buy today can’t be kept and cherished for decades to come, particularly when it’s of the sober, conservative variety. Select a navy or a charcoal two-piece that fits you well, and it will never look dated, passé, or anything other than supremely elegant. That’s the ethos behind every item in the Perennials collection.


Which fabric should I choose?

There are a handful of options available with our Perennial suits. Two wools, two cottons, and each no less essential than the last. This felt like enough to us. Which one you choose will depend entirely on what you plan on wearing it for. Should you be looking for an everyday office suit, perhaps the merino wool number makes the most sense. If it’s more of an evening-and-weekends suit that you’re looking for, then a lovely rich corduroy might be just the thing. Ask yourself which suit makes the most sense to you and will see the most wear, and the choice should become obvious.


A wool suit.

Our Perennials collection contains two wool suits. One is a crisp merino hopsack, the other a soft, dense flannel (and each is available in either navy or charcoal). Obviously, there is a seasonal consideration to be made here – the former is perfect for spring and summer, the latter more suited to the colder months. So, it might be that you tend to wear a suit more in winter, and dress more casually during the summer – in which case, the flannel is a superb choice. Or maybe you want to look your best at all the galas, regattas, fetes and fairs you’ve been invited to. In that case, the tropical merino won’t let you down. Simply put, both are deathless classics with long histories to prove it. Flannel suits have been popular for a couple of centuries, at least, and lightweight, open weave wool has been the preserve of elegant Continental gentleman since time immemorial.

Or perhaps a cotton suit.

Of course, none of that is to say a cotton suit should be overlooked. While not as popular as their wool counterparts (particularly in a business setting), cotton suits have a wholly undeserving reputation as impractical, and even scruffy. Let us dispel these notions immediately. It’s certainly true that a cotton suit is less formal than a wool suit, but this makes it no less useful. Maybe you work in an office with a vague, ‘smart-casual’ dress code (as many people do) – a wool business suit would make you too dressed up, but you still want to stand apart from your colleagues. This is where a cotton suit comes into its own. As with the wool varieties, the Perennial collection contains two cotton suits – one a twill, the other a corduroy (and each of these available in a pair of colours). The twill option is understated and unfussy, with just a hint of texture. The corduroy, on the other hand, puts texture front and centre, and is perfect for those looking to cultivate a professorial vibe.

As already mentioned, we live in an increasingly casual world, which can make dressing up something of a minefield. No one wants to look overdressed, but nor do you want to appear as if you’ve made no effort at all. A cotton suit is a ready-made solution to this issue, ensuring you seem effortlessly put together (but not too put together). And if you still need some persuading, our Creative Director, Michael Hill, is a noted cotton suit advocate who loves the relaxed appearance they create, favouring how they shape and mould to the wearer over time.

How should I style my suit?

Another great advantage of a subtle, understated, timeless suit is that it is something of a blank canvas. They can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion (or your mood). As with all our tailoring, each suit is meticulously crafted in Italy, with a minimal amount of structure. This means they are soft, and have a more natural silhouette than heavily structured suits. This softness only adds to their versatility, meaning that a suit from our Perennials collection can be worn with anything from a polo shirt and suede loafers, to a roll neck jumper and canvas trainers, or (more traditionally) a shirt and tie, with lace-up oxfords. Gone are the days when a white shirt and dark tie were all you could wear with a suit. Now the options are endless, and you will no doubt continue to find new ways to wear your suit for many years to come.


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