The Spring Lookbook

Drake’s in Brittany

Dinard looks a bit like Margate… if Margate was really nice (sorry Margate, we still love you). From the garden of our little house, shaded by apple trees, you can see all the way down to Plage de l’Écluse, a gentle curve of white(ish) sand and teal blue water, choppy at the start of spring, framed by gothic houses and Le Grand Hôtel Dinard, impressive and slightly battered by time and the salt air that whips off the English Channel. 

Always a Pleasure: A Guide to our Chore Jackets

The chore jacket has been the preserve of the hard-working for over two centuries, and while nowadays the most likely points to see any serious wear are the elbows from leaning on the bar, the chore jacket has endured and transformed from its utilitarian past as workwear to a staple icon of menswear.

Alongside our range of relaxed tailoring, prized Oxford shirts and exquisitely printed silk accessories, one of the first things we wanted to put our design principles to was the humble chore jacket.

The Four Horsemen Rides On

It was a bad idea… at least that’s what they were told. A tiny restaurant with a focus on natural wine, before everyone and their dog knew about native yeasts and volatile acidity, with a European-leaning menu in a corner of Williamsburg that, as chef Nick Curtola recalls, was “weird back then.” 

“Everyone we talked to, who had a restaurant, said that the reason there isn’t a natural wine bar and restaurant here is because it doesn’t work and you’re dumb,” says wine director and co-founder Justin Chearno. “Don’t build it, you’ll lose everything.”

“We did it anyway.”

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