The Summer Lookbook

Penny for Your Thoughts: A Guide to the Penny Loafer

While the Crosby is our vision of the perfect year-round shoe, for summer, only a loafer will suffice.

Pairing equally with denim as with cotton and linen tailoring, to opt for a loafer is to embrace the season. 

Characteristically, the loafer is a lace-less, low-worn shoe, similar to the moccasin but for a separate sole and heel. Worn casually, the original intention being a “house-shoe” of sorts one could easily slip on and off.

Los Angeles with Wendell Cole

A New Yorker, born and raised, with the Brooklyn accent to match, Wendell Cole recently made the move to Los Angeles, leaving his frenetic hometown behind for something a little bit more peaceful. Sunshine, space and lots of driving. 

The Stylish Legacy of Michael Mann's Heat

Thirty years ago, Los Angeles meant colour. It was the home of Bill & Ted and Baywatch, whose population of hot eccentrics and ice-cool disreputables had suggested Short Cuts to Robert Altman, LA Story to Steve Martin, and Pulp Fiction to Quentin Tarantino. On screen it was less of a town than a playground – as zanily vibrant as the rainbow-hued theme parks that had been springing up along its fringes since the 1950s.

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