The Winter Lookbook

Festive Gifting

Channeling the best of dressing for deep winter, we've compiled an edit of our favourite cold weather pieces for the festive period and beyond. The perfect gifts for you and your nearest and dearest. 

A Postcard from Maine

“I would rather feel bad in Maine, than feel good anywhere else.” –– E.B. White

In a car approximately the size of a one-bedroom London flat, cruising down back roads shaded by a dense canopy of beech and maple trees coloured every conceivable shade of red and orange, you can see why Maine has taken in artists and wanderers and those who just want to slow down (and eat loads of lobster) for a while. Locals call the coaches full of people who travel from all over to see the season slowly melt from summer into fall, ‘leaf peepers.’ They are the platonic ideal of leaves. The sort you’d want to travel a great distance to get a peep at.

Noah Davis: American Ethereal

Born in Seattle in 1983, by the age of 17 Davis had already established his own studio, a prescient and unwavering dedication to art that would remain throughout his life. Davis referred to himself as a painter, but he was also a sculptor, curator and organiser. In 2012 he founded the Underground Museum in Los Angeles along with his wife, the sculptor Karon Davis, his brother and his sister-in-law, the film producer Onye Anyanwu, on the crumbling sites of a former church and El Salvadoran restaurant in Arlington Heights, a historically working-class neighbourhood.

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The Florida hip-hop duo select the eclectic soundtrack to their lives at home.

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