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A Drake's Winter Story: Layering

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

A Drake's Winter Story: Layering

The key to winter layering is choosing complimentary fabrics, styles and textures, think more Alain Delon as Eddie Pedak in Once a Thief  than the bloke trying to save space in his carry-on luggage at the departures gate.

For this winter we have a full range of heavy and light knits, voluminous overcoats, Sherpa fleeces and cosy overshirts ins clever and premium fabrics that can be both warm and breathable. Favoured by mountaineers and  marathon-runners alike, Merino is the ideal all-round fabric for comfort and reliability during a fluctuating British Autumn and Alpine deep winter, and lends itself to layering naturally with its lightweight, soft handle and moisture-wicking properties.

Our collection of Merino wool jumpers are presented in a layering-friendly assortment of collars, colours and variations. Elsewhere, Italian-knit woolly fleece and brushed cotton checkered work shirts provide a stylish cold-weather pop of colour under any of our tweed jackets.

The raglan overcoat provides a versatile outer layer on top of any ensemble, providing an ideall bookend to see you through until the sun decides to show its face again. 

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