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The Chore Jacket Sets Sail

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

The Chore Jacket Sets Sail


With nods to high-performance nautical wear, we've added amphibious modifications to our ever-popular chore jacket to make it ready for the high seas (equally suited to life on dry land).


Our trusty chore jacket isn’t afraid to try new things. Recently it’s taken to the studio and become pally with painters. Before that it was rolling up its sleeves and getting out into the garden. Now, it’s hitting the high seas. Introducing the Sailing Chore. Using the shape and cut of our Five-Pocket Chore as a starting point, it’s equipped with amphibious modifications that nod to classic sailing fare. It is cut from a hefty 18oz treated cotton canvas woven in Dundee, and in place of the usual horn buttons we have a chunky white plastic zip. The large flap pockets close with enamel snaps, and there are adjustable storm cuffs in case it gets choppy out there.

They key word here is, of course, amphibious. Chances are you’re not looking to set a new record for solo round-the-world voyages, and the Sailing Chore is more than suited to life on dry land. It’s a beautifully constructed and cleverly designed bit of casual outerwear that lends itself to all manner of styles and occasions. If it’s a little brisk out there, throw it over a piece of textured knitwear. Should the sun be shining it looks terrific worn over a Breton stripe tee (as demonstrated below).

Like a car with a rudder, or a boat with wheels, the Sailing Chore is a terrifically versatile thing.


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