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The Art of the Printed Scarf

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

The Art of the Printed Scarf

The story of Drake's wouldn't exist without the scarf. We started life as a scarf maker in 1977 and the accessory, in all its myriad forms, is still intrinsic to what we do today. A craft and art form that we've built upon over the course of decades, a handmade, screen printed scarf is a house signature, even more Drake's-ian than a corduroy Games suit, a soft-shouldered blazer in Harris tweed, or a Crosby boot in tobacco suede. Even more, dare we say, than a perfectly proportioned Thursday evening Martini at Duke's Bar (although never more than two). 

Using romantic, painterly prints that draw on mythology, history, botany and countless other references, and that have been a part of the Drake's archive for years, constantly tweaked and refined, our scarves, in a host of tubular silks and wool-silk combinations, are meticulously screen printed in both Macclesfield and Italy, in workshops that have been going for generations. Real screen printing, the fragile dyeing and application on delicate wools and silks, is a process that requires patience, skill and lots of time to master. 

Despite its classical connotations and flamboyant appearance, the printed scarf is a wholly versatile accessory. It can be tucked under a Polo Coat in winter, thrown loosely and louchely over black tie at an event in which you might be the recipient of an award for distinguished service. If that is the case: congratulations. A printed scarf is refined, bohemian, woven with artistry and as formal, or informal, as you want it be. There's no rule to say it can't bring a pop of colour and silky elegance to matching jersey hooded sweatshirt and jogging bottoms.

Dressing well requires paying attention to the details, and there's hardly a more detail-oriented style flourish than a handmade screen printed scarf tossed easily around the neck - autumn, winter, spring, or summer - as you head out the door. 

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