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Paraboot for Drake’s

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

Paraboot for Drake’s

We’re lucky to have worked with the fine folk at Paraboot on several occasions before, and now we team up once again for another special collaboration. With a well-deserved reputation for producing stompers par excellence, Paraboot’s shoes endure both physically and aesthetically. Really, they need no introduction, so let’s get straight to the collab itself.

We’ve selected two of the brand’s most recognisable silhouettes – the Chambord and the Avignon – and, with a slight sartorial flourish, opted to have them built atop leather sole units, as opposed to the standard rubber. Paraboot have never been in the business of making dainty shoes, but they certainly know how to make handsome shoes. The addition of a leather sole unit doesn’t drastically change the nature of these two classic styles, but it does grant them a slightly dressier feel. The Chambord and the Avignon are versatile in the extreme and look a treat with tailored clothing as things are, but the leather sole does a little more to suggest a corduroy suit, or a pair of tailored cotton trousers and a shaggy tweed jacket. 

We don’t like to meddle with the classics too much, so besides that it’s more or less business as usual. The heavy-duty waxy leather upper you’d expect, and Paraboot’s signature waterproof Norwegian welt. The Avignon with its slightly elongated, almond-shaped last and split toe seam is an undying classic. No wonder it’s been a bestseller all these years. And then there’s the Chambord, with its more rounded shape and distinctive apron toe, which is the definition of versatility. Chinos, denim, cords, fatigues, you name it, the Chambord makes the perfect partner to almost any pair of trousers. Whichever pair you choose, you won’t be sorry. 


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