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Our Japanese Linen Shirts

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

Our Japanese Linen Shirts


An easy-breezy spread collar shirt, cut from a Japanese linen in a vivid, summery shade – what could be better for the warm weather?


A good summer shirt should be many things. You want something with a relaxed, lived-in feel to provide the right amount of comfort on those hotter days, but still with an air of refinement: louche, not scruffy. It should have a silhouette with a little bit of volume, so that you don’t feel constrained, but not so much that it becomes blousy. A simple collar is good, one that does away with any buttons or extraneous elements. And an airy fabric is key: linen really is hard to beat here.

Colour should also be considered. While it’s true that most men tend to eschew colour when it comes to their winter wardrobes, this relaxes somewhat with the arrival of summer, when brighter tones feel like a better fit.

We kept all of these things in mind when we set about producing a collection of Japanese linen shirts for our High Summer collection. Beginning with our tried-and-tested summer shirt pattern (regular fit body, chest pocket, soft unlined spread collar), we sourced an exceptional linen shirting woven in Japan, having it made up in six summer-ready tones, from a dusty pink to a rich burnt orange. These colours are deep and vivid, but not overpowering. Instead, they are redolent of the natural phenomena which are attendant parts of summer, such as the sky at sunset, or blooming flowerbeds.

A shirt like this can be worn casually, untucked with a pair of shorts or chinos, or dressed up with warm-weather tailoring, be it a suit or separates. It’s a versatile piece of clothing that will see you through the summer in style.


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