2020 Lookbook

High Summer 2020 Lookbook

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

High Summer 2020 Lookbook


Drake's has always enjoyed a strong connection to Italy. It was one of the first countries to take strongly to our handmade ties more than four decades ago, and today it is the place we rely upon to produce our exquisite tailoring, as well as much of our knitwear, outerwear and casual pieces. It is a source of inspiration, a cherished holiday destination, and home to many of our closest friends. 

Unable to visit our beloved Italy at this difficult time, we shot our High Summer lookbook here in London, as an ode to all things Italian. It's a small but sincere nod of solidarity to the people, cuisine, and inimitable style of a vibrant and resilient nation. 

Shop the High Summer Collection here. 

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