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Drake’s with Goya Gumbani: The Lookbook Part I

By Drake's

Jan 4, 2023

Drake’s with Goya Gumbani: The Lookbook Part I

A soulful and stylish young musician whose star is, as they say in the business,  definitely on the rise, Goya Gumbani’s poetic and sultry brand of transatlantic new wave jazz-meets-rap-meets-r’n’b-meets-spoken-word-and-neo-soul has been a fixture on the Drake’s playlist for a while now. It’s music that makes you think and makes you move. If you ever get a chance to see him live (we were fortunate enough to recently)… then take it.

Splitting his time between London and New York, Goya joined us fresh off a BA red eye (jet lag, what jet lag?), joining his producer and musical partner Kiina to showcase a selection of new and Perennial Drake’s pieces for winter and beyond. Corduroy Games tailoring, exclusive knitwear and accessories from Chamula, hand-knitted by native craftswomen in the highlands of Mexico, and a beautiful and versatile new interpretation of our signature five-pocket chore jacket in Casentino wool fleece. 

How does Goya dress when he’s on stage, to embody that leading man persona? “The same way I always do,” he replies. “I want to dress like a mixture of James brown, Miles Davis and Prince, with some Anita Baker thrown in. A little bit of colour, maybe showing off some chest hair, but I like to wear a tie, too.

“You’ve just got to be bold and do your thing.”  

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