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The Flight Jacket

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

The Flight Jacket

You needn't be an ace pilot to enjoy the charms of our new military-inflected Flight Jacket.

In 2019 the influence of military garments on men’s style has yet to wane and shows no sign of doing so. In fact, in some areas of fashion the aesthetics of the military-industrial complex seem positively ascendant, but let’s leave the perplexities of ‘warcore’ for another time.

In our little corner of the menswear world, it tends to be vintage militaria which holds sway – worn-in field jackets, dusty desert shirts, rugged fatigues – as opposed to the modern phenomena of tactical vests and cargo trousers. There’s a platonic ideal of form and function to be found in many of these remnants from an earlier age, pieces of clothing whose aesthetic appeal is entirely incidental to their primary purpose as hard-wearing performance garments. It is these designs that retain their appeal across decades.

So, it’s no surprise, then, that these evergreen items of clothing serve as constant inspiration for new pieces each season. For our Spring / Summer 2019 collection, we have produced what we dub the Flight Jacket, which, as its name suggests, takes its inspiration from jackets worn by USAF and RAF pilots.

It’s cut with a short, boxy silhouette ideal for sitting in a cockpit (equally suited to sitting in a pub), with set-in sleeves and a high collar. The jacket’s front is defined by two large, uniquely-shaped patch pockets, with curved sides and straight top edges, meaning they’re the perfect angle to plunge your hands into, whether it’s a brisk evening, or you simply want to affect an air of casual nonchalance. The pockets zip closed and are finished with ‘antivento’ flaps, to offer protection from the elements.

The cloth itself is a tightly woven showerproof cotton, which has been dyed a vivid hue, inspired by the sunny, saturated colours of ‘70s outdoor wear. White zip tape and contrasting white stitching gives the jacket a sporty feel, nodding to active wear as well as military clothing.

Our Flight Jacket is a stylish and functional piece of outerwear, ready to slot seamlessly into your wardrobe, whether or not you often find yourself slipping the surly bonds of Earth.

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