2022 Lookbook Perennials

Drake's Perennials 2022: The Lookbook

By Drake's

Oct 6, 2022

Drake's Perennials 2022: The Lookbook

Great clothes, those that are made with care, attention and the best materials possible, will never go out of style. A beautiful coat, suit, shoe and shirt should look good now, tomorrow and in twenty years’ time, which is exactly why we created Drake’s Perennials.  

Perennials is our vision of a year-round collection — the staples and timeless go-tos that comprise a classic Drake’s wardrobe. It features soft-shouldered and Italian-constructed Games and sartorial tailoring; Japanese denim; our made in Chard oxford shirts; wool raglan coats; silk ties, hand rolled in our own London workshop; brushed Shetland knitwear and zip-up boucle wool fleeces. Designed to be worn well, worn in, and enjoyed for as long as possible. These are clothes for life. 

 In order to demonstrate the full scope of Perennials, we gathered an eclectic group of our friends, colleagues and collaborators. There are artists, actors, restaurateurs, architects and photographers. An IT consultant, an eyewear designer and a sandwich baron. Some are wearing new clothes, others well-loved suits, ties and shirts that have been worn 100 times or more. Everyone has their own way of wearing Drake’s, which is just how we like it. 

 Perennials. Here today, here tomorrow.

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