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Drake's Radio, Ep. 8: Love Songs on the Radio

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

Drake's Radio, Ep. 8: Love Songs on the Radio


Our New York Operations Manager Brandon Mahler takes the reins for the latest instalment in our playlist series.


"Playlists have always been stressful for me. I usually have to stick to one genre or era, or you'll get too much chaos. Much like Benjamin Phillips of our Savile Row team, my background in music is a little heavier, and very eclectic. My parents moved from Belize to LA in the '80s and we moved to Houston when I was 7, so I guess the combination of those environments really laid the groundwork for my aberrant taste.

"I loved soundtracks growing up – you got a great mix of music going on and could dig further into things and find out about other bands and genres. One of the first ones I purchased was the Batman Forever soundtrack – it was loaded and I didn’t even realize it at the time (PJ Harvey, Mazzy Star, Massive Attack w/ Tracey Thorn, an Offspring cover of The Damned (!), Nick Cave, Method Man, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Flaming Lips and, of course, Seal).

"Similar to soundtracks were skate videos. They were always different, and piqued my curiosity when it came to discovering different styles of music. Like many other people my age it’s how I got into alternative, punk, and hardcore. I remember getting made fun of for putting Geto Boys and Texas is the Reason on the same mixtape I made for a girl. I was in the high school orchestra for 6 years, got kicked out and played in bands ever since.

"I thought I would do something similar to Ben's "No Nirvana" playlist – but instead of '90s US bands, it's a whole mix of things that have influenced me. These are all bands and artists that were very important to me as I was finding my way into other genres of music. It's not exactly a romantic playlist – then again, I guess this isn't your typical Valentine's Day – but if you feel inclined you could listen with a loved one, send it to a crush, or play it in the background of your next zoom date."


- Brandon Mahler, New York Operations Manager


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