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Drake's Radio, Ep. 5 by Sherman Mern Tat Sam

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

Drake's Radio, Ep. 5 by Sherman Mern Tat Sam


Esteemed abstract painter and friend of the brand Sherman Mern Tat Sam takes the reins for the latest episode of Drake's Radio, cooking up a playlist that recalls long summers and time spent in LA.


"They used to be called mixtapes when I was young, but now they are playlists. Without its two-sided format, making a playlist feels very different: a marathon instead of a game of two halves.

"I went to art school in Los Angeles. The thing is I lived there before moving to England, which means that I failed to appreciate the weather. In a sense it was, and still is, endless summer. When I think of summer, I still think of heat, sunshine, waves, beach. But also, a long stretch of seemingly endless time where one can be frivolous and dream. Without dreaming, laziness and boredom, how can art get invented? That’s what summer is for: renewal and breaking with the past. In one way or another this selection of songs still evokes that summer feeling. An awakening but also a recovery. It is the time of youth, but also the time to rediscover the youth in you. As a painter it is the time for me to make panels, prepare for the new season, but also to go on holiday (in my mind) and dream… That's what I brought from LA."

- Sherman Mern Tat Sam

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