Knitted Art: Chamula for Drake’s

By Drake's

Jan 6, 2023

Knitted Art: Chamula for Drake’s


Every piece of Chamula clothing is handmade, in its entirety, by a single craftsperson in the highlands of Mexico, using natural wool sourced from sheep that graze in nearby misty mountains, before being spun, woven and dyed. A slow and steady process that results in knitwear that is akin to a beautiful piece of folk art.

Only produced in small batches, we are very pleased to offer a curated selection of exclusive Chamula knitwear and accessories. These are garments that are full of life, character and heritage. No two pieces are the same.

Travelling through Mexico in the 90’s, Yuki Matsuda, the founder of Yuketen, was struck by the skill of the local artisans that he met along the way. Chamula is his way of championing and preserving a delicate way of living and making. These are garments with a depth of design that can only achieved by an expert hand. 

“I like to work with skilled people,” says Matsuda. “Handcraft and folk art is just so beautiful. It’s very simple, but very strong.” 

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