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Alligator Accessories

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

Alligator Accessories

This season, Drake’s has introduced a range of luxurious alligator leather accessories. Each of these items is crafted by hand in Italy, from the most meticulously sourced alligator hides.

The city of Modena (along with Milan) has a reputation for producing perhaps the finest reptile leather goods in the world. We have worked with one of the most renowned factories in Modena, a family run establishment some six decades old.

The factory employs just four ‘artigiani’, each of whom has remarkable skill in intricate leather work. Working in concert with these artisans, we conceived a small range of essential leather items – a belt, a card holder, an ID wallet and a billfold – that would improve and patinate through use, taking on a personality unique to the owner.

Alligator leather is unmatched in its rich appearance and remarkable durability. Once the hide is cut and treated it possesses an exceptional burnished quality which elevates the finished product above the realm of your average accessory. Each item is truly a piece of luxury in its own right.

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